Senior Visual Designer Interview Questions

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“In the end of the interview, as we all had laptops out, the Creative Director started doing emails and working on a design problem his team was facing, and then asked me and his Visual Designer about…”

“asked to participate in a sample exercise”

“What type of design work did I want to be doing in 5 years.”

“Asked me specific questions about javascript; this was a design job, not a front-en developer job”

“What is the main difference for you between design for the Web and design for Applications?”

“What color is your Ferris Wheel?”

“The did a role play with how you'd handle a mediocre employee and then a case study on how you would improve a catering company's sandwich making process. Also asked how you would handle failure.”

“Don't recall any wacky, or trick questions. In my case, was primarily a review of my (rather extensive) portfolio.”

“tell me about a time you failed”

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