Senior Web Developer Interview Questions

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“A page uses 2 js files. Script1.js has a login function in a pop-up, script2.js contains event handlers for certain clicks on a page. If the user is logged in, the click event is processed in…”

“Estimate the number of dentists in the US; explain your assumptions, and if you think your answer is reasonable. Mostly an assessment in your approach to problem solving without having to remember…”

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“Google Maps allows you to zoom in and out of satellite maps, with terabytes of data accessible via a very fast interface. How would you go about implementing this functionality?”

“There were more behavioral-type questions than technical questions. The technical lead did inquire how I would approach a technical problem if I was stuck.”

“What is the difference between an inner and an outer join.”

“logical questions”

“There was nothing difficult to the questions. They were boiler plate type questions. All you have to do is say something. Even trail off on something different not even related to the question…”

“Design a whole web interface and write the complete code with syntax.”

“Javascript coding questions in skill test with very short duration of time”

“What you don’t like about java, Load balancing techniques used”

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