Senior Writer Interview Questions

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“Not applicable my friend, sorry.”

“There were actually few questions, and the manager seemed very hurried and anxious. I did talk up my suitability for the job. Questions were not behavioral, and skill questions were minimal..”

“when was I available”

“Do you have any problem with your work being changed by others?”

“Describe a situation where you had to get others to change their opinions.”

“Think of a time you took a risk in your career and failed. How did you handle the failure and what did you learn?”

“I was asked about my experience writing API documentation, which is very limited. I think the team knew I really was not being interviewed for a deployment guide writer but they just wanted to know…”

“No difficult questions, just a comfortable professional interview.”

“All three interviews were quite straightforward. Review of previous documents written and discussion of my experience and ability to perform the job.”

“We have two projects with the same deadline and everyone is working overtime. One client is easy going and encourages us, the other constantly calls to find out how the project is going and when it…”

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