Seo Interview Questions

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“The questions aren't difficult. It's getting them to look past one's skin color in order to be given a fair chance.”

“How would you decide what search features (e.g., Q&A, images) to prioritize on a mobile device?”

“I have not interviewed for a while so I'm not sure what the questions would be”

“Why did I want to leave my current industry to work for YellowBook advertising?”

“Here is a magic box that does algorithmic signal matching [hinting at the Adchemy "secret sauce" intent matching algo]. What would be the ranking logic for two ads that have the exact same bidding…”

“They pulled up my SEO projects and analyzed them.”

“What makes an SEO consultant valuable?”

“I felt confident during the interview process and was prepared for any questions. I did not find the interview difficult, or unexpected questions that I could not answer.”

“explain the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEO & SEM)”

“What do you think of our pricing model? (which is posted to their website, too)”

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