Server Engineer Interview Questions

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“How to discover if the given number is Power of 2 ?”

“Implement a queue using two stacks.”

“Binary tree , left node has smallest value . Print 5 10 20 25 and then “count of nodes=4”…”

“How would you implement a top 3 word count in a text editor application?”

“16 bit number: how to change the bits 0 with 1, 2 with 3 etc..”

“How to found first unrepeated character in the string. “abca” return “b””

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“Write a function that compares two strings and returns a third string containing only the letters that appear in both.”

“What is an adou”

“Give an object-oriented design for the U.S. highway system.”

“How do you test the Save/Load functionality in Tap Pet Hotel?”

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