Server Engineer Interview Questions

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“How would you design a checkers game?”

“Past accomplishment I am most proud of.”

“I was a c++ programmer back then. I was asked to build a prototype garbage collector”

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“Asked to rotate a string in place given an index number (on site interview with 2 engineers).”

“Implement the data structures and algorithms for a binary search tree. Implement the add, remove, and change methods. Implement pivoting methods, too. Use this to implement a balanced binary tree.”

“Give an algorithm for identifying objects from a video. What about in a stil image?”

“Give an object-oriented design for an ATM.”

“Design a dictionary. Use object-oriented principles. What methods, variables, and classes would you use?”

“they have you sign an NDA before entering the floor and you may not be allowed to see the floor you would be working at as an engineer for some reason.”

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