Service Coordinator Interview Questions

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“How would you manage direct reports?”

“Do you think you could do this job.”

“Explain a problematic situation and how you went about resolving it? Have you ever had problems with you manager and how did you resolve it? What is the difference in the level of service here at the…”

“How would you go about segmenting a list of donors for a major event?”

“Just asked to role play.”

“I always have trouble with the ones where I am to site a time when I had a difficult situation and how I handled it.”

“Artists can be very sensitive people. How would you address an emotional/hysterical student?”

“Why a power tool company?”

“The interview was conducted by 4 UEI College employees. They had a group of 100+ candidates being interviewed in front of each other. That right there was the most insane interview process I've…”

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