Service Delivery Manager Interview Questions

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“How do you know when you are providing great customer service.”

“What is your current salary from someone who would not be in my management chain”

“Thank you for the interview, I still have to interview five more people”

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

“What do you do when you are not working?”

“What is your favorite Disney character?”

“Interviewer: "Do you mind if I teleconference in my executive to listen? By the way, avoid getting overly detailed while he is on the line as he is a bottom line, results-oriented person."”

“Tell me about a time that you worked conveying technical information to a nontechnical audience. Because we work with DR Coorindators often they may not be as technical as we are or the teams we...”

“This title is only temporary, would you be willing to switch to another role, title after three months?”

“What do you think about validation?”

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