Service Desk Analyst Interview Questions

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“Have you used remote deployment systems?”

“"what would you do if you were shot in the face with a Nerf dart?" " What was the latest book you read?" "if you could say one thing to a past employer, with out repercussions, what would it be...”

“How would I handle a specific issue?”

“Help! My internet isn't working! What do I do?”

“"Tell us a time you failed in a situation of adversity."”

“The most difficult question for me is always what are my biggest weaknesses. My biggest weakness is that I tend to be nervous in an interview, but there was no nervousness in this interview.”

“How do you feel working in a ethnically and religiously diverse environment?”

“How often do you sacrifice personal time for work?”

“We simulated a tech support call.”

“Typical "how you handle a difficult customer" questions - internal customers in this case.”

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