Service Engineer Interview Questions

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“In the second stage a phone interview the following situation was presented: You have 5 Apache web servers sitting behind a load balancer. They are pegged as far as load and are not responding to…”

“Describe something about you I do not see on your resume'.”

“A nurse called you that a monitor in the OR is not working. How do you troubleshoot it in a time critical environment?”

“What does this circuit do (Drawn on board with a lot of lacking information)?”

“How to set up networks for several locations, such as in VA, WA, and UT. Several questions of port numbers.”

“What do the HTML status codes 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 represent”

“Unexpected question - about how I would troubleshoot a power problem.”

“Have you ever worked on atm' s before”

“Most of the questions were generic and about my background in the hydraulic field.”

“If we were to call your references, what are the 5 things they wouldn't say about you?”

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