Service Team Leader Interview Questions

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“Tell us about a time when your integrety came into question?”

“What are alarm systems are you familiar with?”

“About to go over a labor budget and suggested splitting people's shifts up for a single day. How would you explain it to the team?”

“If a guest seen an item on the floor that had a price of 15.99 and is ringing up for 21.99 as a cashier what would you do?”

“Don't remember the exact scenarios, but the one with the most opportunity to trip up was something along the lines of "what would you do if your boss spear-headed a project with huge exposure and…”

“"Everyone says that they are reliable, honest, hardworking... how do you describe yourself without using those 3 words?"
"Define harassment and racism"”

“Tell me about a time you went above your core roles and how it impacted others.”

“Tell me about a time you had an irate manager/guest. Walk me through the steps of how you handled the situation.”

“All of the questions are situational”

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