Shift Manager Interview Questions

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“Describe to me how you used diversity in your community to tailor your business to improve sales.”

“Did I think I was a good fit for this company, when i had not worked there yet”

“Where my tie came from.”

“He said, and I quote, "Tell me about your management skills. It's not even on the paper, but I'm already considering you for it, anyway."”

“Have you been convicted of any felonies?”

“You see a patron with a gun sitting at a slot machine, what do you do?”

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“If your a cashier and the only one on duty, you got a long line, produce needs replenishing, AND a spill on aisle 2, In what order do you attend to these situations?”

“Where do i see myself in 5 years”

“Do you want to be a manager?”

“The questions were fairly routine, but they did ask for an example of when I had a personal conflict with another employee, and how I resolved that conflict.”

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