Shift Supervisor Interview Questions

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“Tell me a time when you did not meet the expectations of one of your customers?”

“None. Very brief standard interview with basic customer service questions. Name a difficult experience you had with a customer and how you handled it...ect...”

“"What is your long term goal with this company?"”

“How do you deal with a rude or upset customer?”

“Name some suggestion you made at work that was implemented?”

“how do you feel you communicate with fellow partners and is there any room for improvement?”

“Give an example of ambiguity and how you dealt with it?”

“Tell me a time when u help a coworker with their tasks. ( at work )”

“All of the questions are along the lines of "tell me about a time when you..."”

“The question that I had the most trouble with, was my strengths. I have never been good at talking about myself, especially when I am saying good things about myself.”

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