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“You need to distribute a terabyte of data from a single server to 10,000 nodes, and then keep that data up to date. It takes several hours to copy the data just to one server. How would you do this...”

“Describe on a scale of 1 to 10 your familiarity with systems administration. Followup: which system call returns inode information? What signal does the "kill" command send by default ? How many IP...”

“classic fermi problem. estimate some value making some approximations.”

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“What would you do in this scenario? How would you troubleshoot this? Also threw in one that gauged how you follow company policy, departmental fiscal responsibility and how to turn down/say...”

“This wasn't difficult, but it was an important question: They wanted the name of a google employee i knew or worked with. If you know someone or worked with the, ahead of the interview have their...”

“What is the sticky bit and why is it used?”

“What's the default signal used in a kill command?”

“Are you willing to sign this NDA which includes a clause that we know is broken by most of our applicants but we don't sue them for?”

“A good example: "describe exactly what happens when you type 'telnet 80' at a bash prompt, including shell interpretation, network connections".”

“Asked me how the kernel new to connect to a remote machine. Wasn't too sure if they were asking the lower level c calls, general OS theory, or just basic files / networking components (routing...”

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