Skills Interview Questions

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“What would you consider to be your biggest weakness? / Why should we hire you instead of the other people we have interviewed?”

“What Microsoft and/or Adobe skills do you have and do you have any examples you could show us today.”

Assistant at Goodwill

Nov 26, 2012

“The one I wasn't expecting was to offer a detailed example of a situation where I had to deal with a difficult coworker. I was asked what I did (if anything) to resolve the situation.”

“Very standard BA interview process: (1) recruiter phone conversation; (2) hiring manager phone conversation; (3) Onsite interviews including multiple 1:1s interviews and then a panel interview with…”

“What executive decisions did I make in my previous position and what decisions were made by my supervisor?”

“What foods would you pair together and why...”

“What would I do if an issue come to light with a co-worker?”

MBA Intern at Adobe

Jun 25, 2012

“Case question: How would you approach renewals/retention strategy?”

“Why should we hire you?”

“How would you rank yourself 1 - 10 on your Access/Excel ability?

You will be required to take an Access Skills test. The test is very basic and simple if you are familiar and use Access on a…”

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