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“"Name a previous experience where you turned a negative interaction with a customer into a positive one."”

“purchasing skills”

“If you saw data in Excel that was in the form of "FirstName LastName (Description)", how would you break that so that "FirstName LastName" was in one cell and "(Description)" was in another.”

“To test my ability in interpreting I was asked to respond to the person asking the question in the opposite language during my peer interview.”

“Why do you want to use an MVVM or MVC framework?”

“How would you prioritize your workload during times of high call volume?”

“This is a complicated role, with mathematics playing a large role. Do you think you can handle it?”

“Given a set of raw data in MS Excel, prepare both an internal report and and external report regarding the status of this customer account.”

“Taking a skills test given by the GM at my side, overlooking my work...but she was very professional and actually nice, throughout.”

“"I am the CFO of one of our clients, and you have to convince me that Booz can add value to my function. I have strongly opposed Booz's involvement..."”

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