Small Business Sales Representative Interview Questions

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“They asked me to rank in order what motivated me: Job well done, praise, money or fear.”

“Are you comfortable with cold calling?”

“Would you prefer Account Executive, taking care of and growing existing accounts, or would you prefer new account sales?

Anything else?”

“Most were very basic, read out of an interview manual. Typical questions like how would you schedule your time between appointments to avoid a lot of unncessary down time.”

“On the spot questions....How would I go about drumming up my own business?”

“How much revenue have I generated for a company via sales. Again the position was advertised as no experience necessary.”

“Made me do a improvisational skit where the manager was the salesman and I was the customer.”

“How will you make yourself successful”

“"Give me an example of a time you showed confidence? Another example? Another?"”

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