Social Media Director Interview Questions

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“I was only asked what I thought my weaknesses and strengths were. I was literally in there for less than 10 minutes.”

“Which advertising campaign that I conceived was a disaster and how did I bring it around?”

“What social media platform would you think is most useful to us, why?”

“Can't remember, was over two years ago. I remember that all of the questions were reasonable. I learned a lot about Birchbox through the interview. I spent the whole interview hoping for an offer :)”

“Asking me exact marketing tactics and for a 90 day marketing plan on the spot.”

“I wish there was a difficult or unexpected question, but my interviewer seemed like he was sleeping with his eyes open. I was left to talk endlessly about my past experiences and qualifications...”

“The questions were not difficult, but definitely challenged me to dig into quantitative metrics for my success on projects.”

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