Social Media Intern Interview Questions

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“Standard interview questions, they seemed to read them off of a webpage.”

“What did you personally learn from your other internships?”

“What challenges do companies like Enova face in the digital age?”

“The recruiter (recent college grad) had me do an in-depth writing challenge on social media posts for 3 of their specific clients. It wasn't difficult, but the prompt was very vague.”

“They had no questions for me, they kept talking about what they do and not what they wanted out of an intern. Make sure you know the company and what brands are under the bcbg logo. Know the…”

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

“It was a pretty standard interview process. A little more critical thinking than others, but still pretty normal.”

“What was the most recent non-fiction book that you read? And it can not be a text book from school.”

“What do you think is the social media channel that will be the next big thing? Why?”

“Asked a broad question about their company NCI, which is made up of a lot of smaller companies. I guess someone who didn't do their research would get tripped up on this one”

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