Social Work Interview Questions

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“What have you done in the past to make you a good candidate for the position”

Social Work at ESPNS

Feb 9, 2011

“How will you feel about leaving your current position which you love so much?”

“Do you have an idea what this job will intail.”

“The hardest question with naming 3 weaknesses. I only practiced for one weakness not three. After that I got stressed and didn't do as well in the interview.”

“This being a newly created job there will be a lot of ajustments and quick changes.Do you think u will be able to handle that and how?”

“Most questions were expected asking questions about considerations for different populations and how I understand wraparound. I heard that they look for responses about how you understand your role…”

“No difficult or unexpected questions were asked”

“What was the hardest experience you've ever had with a client?”

“All of the questions were scenarios pertaining to: the wellbeing of the child!!!”

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