Social Worker Interview Questions

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Social Worker at UNPHC

Sep 23, 2012

“Would I be willing to accept their ridiculous lowball salary offer.”

“Dealing with difficult clients.”

“The Program Director went through my resume and gave me the opportunity to demonstrate how the skills I had developed could be put to use in the position being offered. We had a good give and take...”

“Why do you want to work at Ellis Hospital?”

“What happens if you pass your state licensing exam and we only have positions available for unlicensed social workers. Because there a great difference in pay would you leave?”

“what was your most challenging patient”

“Name a time when your moral values conflicted with your ability to do your job”

“Tell us about a situation when you dealt with an angry client? What types of safety issues do you consider when conducting an investigation of child abuse or neglect.? Give an example of a time when...”

“If your employer informed you that there was an impending audit, what would be the first three things you would work on.”

“Describe your work ethic .”

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