Software Analyst Interview Questions

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“Describe a specific instance where you faced an ethical dilemma, were asked to do something unethical, or advised to lie about something. Describe how you handled the situation and why you handled it…”

“If you had to count how many ridges were on a quarter, how would you go about doing it?”

“Black Box,White Box testing, Cloud Computing..etc”

“What is ‘Responsive Design,’ and how might it be used on the mobile context?”

“Come prepared to answer questions like "Tell me of an experience where you couldn't resolve a problem because a coworker was standing in your way. How did you resolve it?"”

“What is the mission statement of Christus”

“Tell me about a previous project you have done, that would be related to our field? What were the results? What was the most challenging project you have led so far?”

“They needed someone to actually do the job, no fudge to cover the cake. I told them give it to me I will need a short time to train and understand the exact needs and it will be done without BS.”

“What are you experiences with SQL?”

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