Software Analyst Interview Questions

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“There was no question that comes to mind that was that difficult”

“Please design a enterprise level storage system with redundancy, here's a piece of paper.”

“About handling critical scenarios as a team player with a troublesome team mate.

Q : What would you do if one of your team mates is too nosy and picky of what you do and keep making suggestions…”

“What did you learn in your master degree related to Database knowledge.”

“What type of boss do you prefer to work for.”

“tell me about your most difficult situation in a testing setting, related to the client's processes, difficult cross-functional team/individual, or a manager who gave you a hard time? why was it…”

“have you ever implemented uat in a distributed setting, where your testers were remote and and you had to closely work with them through out testing prep/execution phase? what were your challenges…”

“The interview process was pretty straight-forward: "We like your resume, here's what we do, do you have any questions..."”

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