Software Application Developer Interview Questions

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“In MVC pattern, where to fit communication with a server?”

“write a ternary operator replacement function”

“Overloaded procedures definition”

“They want me to design a scalable prototype of basic information retrieval system.”

“Given an input file of characters produce an output file that is sorted (English alphabet considered for the sake of simplicity. The o/p would look like: all the a's then all the A's then the b's...”

“Design a contacts search for a phone. The solution should prompt you with all the contacts that'd match the characters keyed into the search box. Eg: For a contacts list having Adam, Alex and...”

“Describe how a smartphone would boot up? When do you think all the drivers would be loaded?”

“What the difference between O (1) and O (n)”

“Given a web log find the top 10 most visited sequences of 3 URLs.”

“What is the difference between Objective-C automatic reference counting and garbage collection?”

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