Software Application Developer Interview Questions

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“In MVC pattern, where to fit communication with a server?”

“They want me to design a scalable prototype of basic information retrieval system.”

“write a ternary operator replacement function”

“Really no substantive questions were asked. It actually would've been nice to have been asked some meaningful questions.”

“Nothing all that unexpected. Reasonably easy if you don't over-think the problems and realize you're under time pressure so you can't spend too much time looking up information.”

“Given a web log find the top 10 most visited sequences of 3 URLs.”

“What is the difference between Objective-C automatic reference counting and garbage collection?”

“describe your most difficult project, what was the problem, how did u solve it, what was the out come”

“You're currently making above the salary range for this position - I want to make sure that won't be a problem before we continue. Do you have any issues with taking a pay cut to work here?”

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