Software Associate Interview Questions

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“How would you reverse a the words in a string? (Be able to defend answer)”

“How to use concurrency to make matrix multiply computation faster? what is the complexity?”

“Division method without using divide operator”

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“The interviewer had asked me a time when it was best not to use OOP after spending several minutes praising OOP.”

“How is allocated memory free'd in C++?”

“None of the questions were very difficult in and of themselves. They were mostly behavioral, and the hardest part was trying to remember a situation from the past to use as an example.”

“State and explain the access modifiers in Java.”

“in an auditorium with various filled or empty seats [a boolean array], create a function that returns the best open seat. The best open seat being the one with the most empty seats around it. He said…”

“find union and intersection for 2 arrays without using sets/other data structure”

“find the duplicate in an array list”

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