Software Data Engineer Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a previous project you have done, that would be related to our field? What were the results? What was the most challenging project you have led so far?”

“Resume Selected online and was called for on site. 45 minutes round onsite - Data Structures (Hash table all concepts) - JAVA concepts - Puzzle (2 eggs 100 floor building find threshold) - Basic...”

“Design Facebook graph search with basic implementation. Create/ implement a chat server, searching a rotated sorted tree.”

“Tell me about the project in your network course.”

“1. How to implement a table storing TBs of data? 2. Stack with get max method”

“Write code to compute fibonacci numbers. Iteratively and recursively. Then discuss the pros and cons of each.”

“Business case -- they presented me an e-mail and their problems with recommend, and suggested ways I might improve it. Also a 'lightning' round of mathematical, statistical, and programming...”

“I don't remember any specifically difficult questions or unexpected questions. I thought the interview was fair and the SQL test was fair based on the practice test provided.”

“Tell me about what your ideal work day would look like.”

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