Software Design Engineer Interview Questions

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“algorithms - it was poorly worded when I was asked this, and the solution I was given still does not fully answer what was asked. But it boiled down to this: "you have an array full of numbers, one...”

“Find an integer in a 2D matrix where all the rows are sorted”

“How do you find the least common ancestor of two nodes in a binary search tree? What is the runtime performance of this?”

“Given a text log of HTTP requests on a particular server, each line has a username and the name of the page the user visited. The pages requests aren't in order and multiple requests from different...”

“C++ has the concept of multiple inheritance. Java does not have this concept, how can multiple inheritance be implemented in java?”

“Give an algorithm to find the index of a pattern's first occurrence in a specified string. The pattern is also a string.”

“Given some synchronization primitives, implement a multiple-reader, single-writer lock. I was given the choice of using a primitive semaphore, monitor, mutex, etc.”

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