Software Design Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given some synchronization primitives, implement a multiple-reader, single-writer lock. I was given the choice of using a primitive semaphore, monitor, mutex, etc.”

“asked to create a particular algorithm for a hash table scenario. the scenario was confusing and I didn't know how to even start. was not given any clarification when asked, just told to do it. I...”

“I did not expect to be grilled so badly on my projects.”

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“You'll get challenging coding questions, and a testing question that requires creative thought.”

“How do you feel about working on projects which are just prototypes and destined to be abandoned as soon as they are completed?”

“All pretty standard interview questions (basic data structure and constructs)”

“Not a difficult question, but encountered few trick questions.”

“General Conditional Probability Questions, String Manipulation Questions”

“Why would you make a destructor virtual in C++?”

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