Software Design Engineer Interview Questions

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“Find right-most zero in 0-1 node where in a given row, if 1 appears, all values right of it are 1.”

“Print binary tree in order.”

“code up a system that will accept a series of telephone keypresses and return a list of possible names from a supporting data structure. Describe both the data structure and the insert and search…”

“count 1. Write a function to count how many 1s are there in a integer in bits.
example: countOne(1) => 1 countOne(2) => 1 countOne(4) => 1 countOne(3)=>2”

“Write code in C to replace a particular character in a string with k other characters.”

“Write code to remove redundant spaces from a string in C”

“DElete last nth emelemt from the linked list”

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