Software Dev Engineer Interview Questions

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“What are your salary / benifits requirements?”

“Why do you like programming? Why do you think you are very good at it?”

“Some PM guy wanted to know my opinion on peer reviews.”

“Why did you want to leave your previous concern”

“The technical questions covered a wide range of areas which I appreciated. The areas included object oriented design, architecture design, problem-solving/algorithms, objective-c (blocks, view…”

“Basic questions regarding my graduate project.”

“Simple pattern matching question.
how will you search for "love" in a string "I love New York"”

“how will you check if a tree is a binary search tree?”

“If there are jobs coming in from different servers, and I want to execute only job at a time, based on first-come first serve basis, what data struct should i use?”

“Questions on Arrays, with reducing memory complexity and time complexity”

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