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“How to print a link list reversely”

“Given an array of size [i..n], find the product of all the elements of the array except for the element at index b, where b is an arbitrary element.”

“Design a function that will return a pointer to the n-th element from the end of a linked list.”

“A question on filters from Digital Communication! Which one is used for filtering noise?”

“Design an algorithm to compute the even parity bit for a binary input of any size.”

“What would you do if you saw an employee doing something dishonest.”

“None, They based every question off of my experiences and resume, Since my resume and experience is pretty solid, especially for a student, I figured they liked it and just wanted to validate that…”

“What is a binary search tree and how to get an ordered array from the tree”

“Given two lists of user IDs, the first being a list of people who have visited the website on Day 1, the second being a list of people who have visited on Day 2, what is an efficient algorithm to…”

“If I have a fair, shuffled deck of cards without jokers, what are the odds that if I pull the top two cards from the deck, that they are a pair?”

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