Software Development Engineer I Interview Questions

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“Given a string of format '2+3*2-1', calculate and return the result. No parenthesis in the input, just integers and + - * / operators. Operator precedence has to be considered. Linear time…”

“Complexity of this algorithm. How to improve the complexity?”

“Remove the nth from last element in a singularly linked list in linear time.”

“there is an array with 99 length long, each spot will have number from 1-100, number will never repeat on the array. Give as many way as possible to find the missing number.”

“Write a function that takes an integer and counts the number of bits.”

“Discuss finding the most efficient route in terms of cost and time for moving products through warehouses to customers. Explain algorithm complexity.”

“Given some array such as {4, 2, 5, 3}, write a function that would take in the array and a number that would return how many pairs add up to the number.”

“Given a set of numbers, partition the set in to two, such that sum of all the candidates in first subset = sum of all the candidate numbers in second subset.”

“Design an algorithm to find out if an array has a pair of integers summing to some number X.”

“Given the tax ids and phone numbers of everyone in NYC, go and get their email addresses. Now what would you change if we expand to NY state? The US?”

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