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“Consider a rectangular mesh (intersecting horizontal and vertical lines ). These lines represent intersecting roads. You are standing at top left intersection and you need to reach to a resort…”

“You are given a n*n matrix of bits (1s and 0s) where 1 represents land and 0 represents water. Adjacent 1s can be considered as joined together to form sort of island in water. Count the number of…”

“Find all pairs of numbers in an array that sum to a given number, n, in linear time”

“All questions I was asked about was about the project.”

“How would you go about designing an university? What classes and methods will it have?”

“Given a log file containing (User_Id, URL, Timestamp) user can navigate page from one to the other. Find the three page subset sequence repeated maximum number of times. Records are sorted by…”

“Made a "deep copy" function for the following class:

public class Node {
     public String data;
     public List<Node> chain;

By "deep copy" he meant that each node in the chain needs to…”

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“Bar raiser
Given a NumberPool containing number sequence of numbers from 1 to infinity. Implement an interface, essentially two functions-
checkin(N): which adds number to the number pool and makes…”

“Design and describe the classes you would use when implementing the card game War.”

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“Bar raiser
1. Given array of numbers, find a, b, c such that a + b = c. Can you beat O(N**2) ?
2. Difference between Quick sort and Merge sort. What modifications you make in Quick sort so that it…”

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