Software Development Engineer I Interview Questions

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“Design an LRU cache”

“Given a acyclic graph, find out its root; that is point where all the nodes converge.
eg. G(V, E) = {(A->B), (B->C), (D->C)} C should be the root.”

“Design your own hashmap in Java.”

“How would you remove duplicates from a linked list? How would you remove duplicates without using a temporary variable?”

“coding test: Give a linked list, what is the most efficient way to find the middle node?”

“After the coding test, he also asked me what are the different test conditions can be?”

“Standard and simple questions, no tricks.”

“Implement a queue using a circular data structure. Provide put and get functions. Also talked about how to provide thread safety.”

“What is a hash map? How could you use hash maps to find the intersection between two arrays faster?”

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