Software Development Engineer II Interview Questions

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“Given an array of integers and an arbitrary integer, find the number of pairs of integers in the array whose sum is equal to the arbitrary integer.”

“Different Sorting Algorithms and Big O of each”

“Write a function to remove duplicates from a list of characters.”

“The interviewer asked me if I am aware that the position I am being interviewed for is lower than my current one.”

“Standard Software Development interview questions. Check or for lots of examples. Popular interview question:

Implement the floodfill (aka paint bucket) function of the…”

“Comtinuous performance improvement of a prime-number algorithm optizing for various characteristics.”

“How will you write a function to merge two sorted arrays assuming one of them have enough space to hold all the members.”

“Test the Find - Replace Dialog”

“how to reverse words in a string preserving the formatting”

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