Software Development Engineer II Interview Questions

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“how to reverse words in a string preserving the formatting”

“Their absurd quiz. Why would you ask someone to author a search algorithm from scratch when there are so many good ones available in open source and on various chat boards and blogs. A smart...”

“Describe the most challenging problem you've had and how you solved it?”

“Mathematically prove "Birthday paradox".”

“Given a balance and marbles where one marble weighs more than the other, how many times do you have to use the balance to find the heaviest marble for 7 marbles. Then, extend that answer to how many...”

“What is the best way to find files containing a US phone number in a collection of more than 10000 html files.”

“Several machine learning concepts in the first interview such as Why decision tree is not better than a random forest, explain hypothesis testing, situation specific designs. In the second interview...”

“Is there a situation in your career with your colleagues that you would like to fix (if given the chance)? What is your greatest achievement? Some think big questions. How would you solve the Netflix...”

“Design a parking lot using OOPS.”

“How would you test a search engine ?”

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