Software Development Engineer II Interview Questions

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“Write an optimized program to find the characters within a string and return number of times it will get repeated along with the character. Test the program”

“175 players in a 1 to 1 match. Those who fail the match quits. Find out a strategy to design the games in a way where minimum number of games will be played to select the winner.”

“How to explain to a non techy about the paging process of an operating system. Tell the non techy guy about the fragmentation procedure and fragmentation.”

“Write a method to rotate an array at n without using O(1) space.
How would you test this method”

“What was the thing you do not like in the the project you like best?”

“"Tell me about a time when you failed at something."”

“A question about Linked Lists”

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“Should able to write code of Quick Sort in limited time.”

“Write a method to traverse a Binary Tree”

“BFS on a binary tree”

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