Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET) Interview Questions

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“The differences between recursive and iterative implementations?”

“Reverse each word of the string without reversing the order of the words

this is a test BECOMES
siht si a tset”

“Generate all permutations of a string and determine if each is in the dictionary. Find an efficient data structure for the dictionary.”

“- Given a string, how would you determine if that string contains a palindrome?”

“- Given an array of integers (of any value, from MIN_INT to MAX_INT), how would you find the consecutive integers with the largest sum, and return their sum?”

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“How to test a clock”

“Write a program in java that determines whether a string is a palindrome.”

“On campus interview questions:
1) Find the middle of a linked list
2) Find all the paths in a binary tree that sum up to a given value
3) Write test cases for bing (yeah, really!)

On site…”

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