Software Development Engineer Intern Interview Questions

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“Determine if an array from 1..n has a duplicate in constant time and space.”

“To find and return the common node of two linked lists merged into a 'Y' shape.”

“Return the index of the first repeated character of a string.”

“You are given an array with n positive integers where all values in the array are repeated except for one. Return the one that is not repeated.”

“To return the 'm' smallest numbers from a file of 'n' numbers”

“Write a program that sees if two binary trees are equal.”

“Write a function that takes in an array and repeats an integer that appears the most.”

“Given two nodes that are in a binary search tree (this is guaranteed) find the shortest traversal path between them.”

“Write a program to find the square root of a double.”

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“Given the head pointers to two linked lists of unknown length, find the node of intersection if they do intersect.”

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