Software Development Engineer Interview Questions

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“To find and return the common node of two linked lists merged into a 'Y' shape.”

“Find the last element of a linked list.”

“Given a list of n numbers. All numbers except one are unique. Find the number with duplicate entry.”

“Given an array of integer in which all numbers occur even times except for one number occurs odd times, find it.”

“Given an integer set of numbers, print all the subsets. For some reason the interviewer asked to print the supersets, but what he means is subsets.”

“How would you find the pairs of numbers that added to some specific number in an array.”

“Given an array with length n-1 which contains integers of the range 1 to n. Each element is distinct and appears only once. One integer is missing. Find the missing integer in linear time using O...”

“"Solve a maze", you have a 2D matrix with 1's as blocked and 0's as path. Find a path from one corner to another, backtracking should be allowed.”

“You are given an array with n positive integers where all values in the array are repeated except for one. Return the one that is not repeated.”

“How would you implement a top 3 word count in a text editor application?”

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