Software Development Engineer(SDE) Interview Questions

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“[Round 1] Find loop in a linked list”

“Write a function to remove duplicates from a list of characters.”

“unexpected: The Recruiter asked how many lines of code I have written in my biggest project”

“[Round 3] 1) Check for BST property 2) Arrange two sorted lists to get a sorted list without duplicates and another list with the duplicates.”

“They'll usually ask you questions about linked lists, binary trees, recursion, memory allocation, etc.”

“Given a dictionary and a function that returns if a work is in the dictionary, create a function that takes a non-space delimited string and outputs the same string with words separated by spaces.”

“[Round 2] 1) Implement Stack 2) Implement Factorial”

“[Oncampus] Given list of sorted lists, find the k smallest elements out of all the lists”

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