Software Development Manager Interview Questions

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“Onsite interview : All whiteboard coding + system design + behavioral questions. Can't divulge the details due to NDA signed but very thorough process in testing your limits and depth of both...”

“Nothing specific stands out as very hard in the interview process.”

“nothing I would consider difficult. very basic CS questions, behavioral question, experience questions. it was very easy except for the bar riser.”

“What's the hardest management challenge you've faced?”

“What would you do if you were told to work overtime?”

“Tell me about the most challenging production issue you've faced.”

“Addition and multiplication of two matrix containing millions of entries. Most of the values are zeros.”

“Design any game of your choice. It can be chess, card game or any other game.”

“There was not one question that stood out as being most difficult. I would say just be very prepared to talk about past projects and give specifics about your past experiences.”

“open questions on their new business and service, tell them your opinion and how to improve and verify the new service idea is workable or not”

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