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“write a recursive function that solves the equation X[n] = X[n-1] + X[n-2] where X is an array that contains at least two integer values and the function should solve the question for the 3rd value...”

“Create simple app with button, edittext, activities, intents, textviews. I wouldn't write it in exact detail here since it is internal.”

“Trick question associated with flipping the number 6 upside down to make 9. Android XML related questions.”

“All Android Based Questions”

“What does everything in Java inherit from?”

“1st round (phone screening): 1. WAP to implement pow(a,b) function. 2. WAP to build a BST.”

“2nd skype: - Lets say you have to build an activity (screen) which has a drop-down & once you select an item in the drop-down, it loads an image corresponding to that on the screen below. - How...”

“4th skype (design round): - How will you design an app (client) & server to implement a word guess game. For e.g. app will ask user to guess the word (it will show blank spaces first equal to size...”

“There are no android developer in the team. So all the questions were about networking. They didn't ask about Android.”

“Test cases for a phone.? Each of OSI layer and their features and the protocol that runs on it.? Difference between router, switch and hub.? If a computer has 2 MAC how do u determine which MAC...”

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