Software Engineer Associate Interview Questions

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“How would you reverse a the words in a string? (Be able to defend answer)”

“Division method without using divide operator”

“The interviewer had asked me a time when it was best not to use OOP after spending several minutes praising OOP.”

“State and explain the access modifiers in Java.”

“in an auditorium with various filled or empty seats [a boolean array], create a function that returns the best open seat. The best open seat being the one with the most empty seats around it. He said…”

“find union and intersection for 2 arrays without using sets/other data structure”

“find the duplicate in an array list”

“What was my last interaction with an authority figure?”

“What was your favorite course? Why?”

“Asked me very basic Object-Oriented Programming concepts (inheritance, classes, etc). Then they asked me to write a program that outputs the letter in a string that repeats first.”

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