Software Engineer Contractor Interview Questions

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“Do you have experience with enterprise search platforms? How big were the databases you worked with?”

“Being asked to code while the interviewer watched over my shoulder was a new and challenging situation for me.”

“Ask to add a new feature to their communication code after a brief explanation of their communication system.”

“What kind of things did you do at your previous internships?”

“Describe the most technical project you've done on whiteboard.”

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“Tell about yourself. In what type of projects have you participated? What was the most challenging project?”

“Do you have an expert level knowledge in Spring framework? What components of the Spring framework have you used? Have you worked with Hibernate transactions? What type of cache does Hibernate use?”

“The technical questions include: - how to prevent sql injection - write a sql statement to list all the duplicated entries in a table - give you several tables, and ask you to create foreign keys...”

“Mostly concepts related to the complex application they were trying to implement. I was doing most of the talking and explaining my approach to get the job done. My skills were spoken for with code...”

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