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“Assume that you are given the head and tail pointers of a doubly linked list where each node can also have a single child pointer to another similar doubly linked list. There are no cycles in this…”

“Describe and code an algorithm that returns the first duplicate character in a string?”

“Using only putchar how would you print out the ascii values for each digit in an integer. For example if the integer was 123, then you would want to print the ascii values for 1, 2, and 3.”

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“Design a system for counting how many times an item is clicked on. You need to record clicks and be able to report how many clicks for a given item. Be able to report which items are the most…”

“Write a program to find the square root of a double.”

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“Given the head pointers to two linked lists of unknown length, find the node of intersection if they do intersect.”

“Given a set of N numbers, assume that you have the set of numbers from 1 to N+1, with the exception of one number. How do you determine what number that is? What is the complexity of your solution?”

“Write a function that takes in an array and repeats an integer that appears the most.”

“2. Find top 100 maximum number from a continuous input stream.”

“Given two binary trees T1 and T2. Find if T2 is a sub-tree of T1.”

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