Software Engineer Full Stack Interview Questions

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“How would I troubleshoot a slow HTTP endpoint without ever talking to a user?”

“Tell me about the project in your network course.”

“This position is for User interface and job description says looking for HTML 5 ,CSS 3 and Ext Js but interviewer expecting a master in JAVA who can even provide Solution for upcoming JDK which is…”

“Write an algorithm to report on the number of password combinations in the Android pass-lock screen given a certain grid dimension.”

Given an array of arrays, implement an iterator class to allow the client to traverse and remove elements in the array list. This iterator should provide three public class member functions…”

“Check if a sub-string with a given string-sum exists in a string. So if each character has an integer value associated with it, the string-sum is the sum of each character in the string's values…”

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