Software Engineer I Interview Questions

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“You are the leader of a gang of n pirates who has just returned from a successful treasure hunt. You will make a suggestion about how to divide up the treasure and then a vote will be held. If you…”

“Discuss finding the most efficient route in terms of cost and time for moving products through warehouses to customers. Explain algorithm complexity.”

“Take an input string and output the reverse of that string. May use any programming language.”

“Given some array such as {4, 2, 5, 3}, write a function that would take in the array and a number that would return how many pairs add up to the number.”

“How to reverse a linked list? (in 2 different ways)”

“Most of the questions weren't all that difficult and there was very little pressure in solving them. The point was really to see the process of arriving at your answer. The most difficult question…”

“Consider a rectangular mesh (intersecting horizontal and vertical lines ). These lines represent intersecting roads. You are standing at top left intersection and you need to reach to a resort…”

“You are given a n*n matrix of bits (1s and 0s) where 1 represents land and 0 represents water. Adjacent 1s can be considered as joined together to form sort of island in water. Count the number of…”

“The "most difficult" question I had was finding the intersection of two arrays. Seriously. The rest were even easier. I'm not kidding.”

“How would you go about designing an university? What classes and methods will it have?”

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