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“I still don't remember”

“Given a log file containing (User_Id, URL, Timestamp) user can navigate page from one to the other. Find the three page subset sequence repeated maximum number of times. Records are sorted by…”

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“Bar raiser
Given a NumberPool containing number sequence of numbers from 1 to infinity. Implement an interface, essentially two functions-
checkin(N): which adds number to the number pool and makes…”

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“Bar raiser
1. Given array of numbers, find a, b, c such that a + b = c. Can you beat O(N**2) ?
2. Difference between Quick sort and Merge sort. What modifications you make in Quick sort so that it…”

“Given a acyclic graph, find out its root; that is point where all the nodes converge.
eg. G(V, E) = {(A->B), (B->C), (D->C)} C should be the root.”

“No unexpected questions. Normally they ask one on hardest problem faced, one on tree search and the one I got was on bit representation of integers, floats etc”

“What are the long term benefits of inheritance?”

“How would you remove duplicates from a linked list? How would you remove duplicates without using a temporary variable?”

“What do you know about concurrency? Describe in minute detail”

“How will you develop a ReadWriteConcurrentLock?”

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