Software Engineer II Interview Questions

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“Write an efficient method to reverse a string.”

“Print the elements in a linked list in reverse order.”

“Some rather detailed questions regarding my experience with low-level drivers and Linux experience.”

“When was the last time you held a job?”

“Given a balance and marbles where one marble weighs more than the other, how many times do you have to use the balance to find the heaviest marble for 7 marbles. Then, extend that answer to how many…”

“What is the singleton pattern?”

“Design a parking lot using OOPS.”

“How would you test a search engine ?”

“For new hires is completly behavioral. The most challenging question was: What is the prototype design pattern and how to apply it to X example.”

“It was too long ago. I think I was asked about my experience with message-oriented middleware. I was a perfect fit for the job, so there wasn't much resistance to hiring me.”

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